Amplifying Voices on East Shropshire Talking Newspaper

Sight Loss Shropshire Manager Swan and Lead Volunteer Ken with East Shropshire Talking Newspaper's Robert Green (centre) during the recording.
Sight Loss Shropshire Manager Swan and Lead Volunteer Ken with East Shropshire Talking Newspaper’s Robert Green (centre) during the recording 

Being given a platform to share our stories and experiences is a powerful way to connect with others and make a meaningful impact, so when we were kindly invited to meet the team at East Shropshire Talking Newspaper, we didn’t hesitate to be interviewed and share more information about our new services.  

Talking Newspapers ensure that individuals who may face challenges in accessing traditional print media have access to news and stories that matter to them. 

The award-winning East Shropshire Talking Newspaper (ESTN) provides a free weekly News and Features Audio Service for visually impaired people. A registered charity, based in Telford, it provides a free weekly USB memory stick to its registered subscribers, with content also more widely available via the Internet, Smart Phone Apps, and most Smart Speakers. 

Sight Loss Shropshire Manager Swan and In Touch Telford Lead Volunteer Ken were delighted to talk about our upcoming open day, VisionZone 2023 and the new In Touch Telford Training service for visually impaired people. Ken and Swan even demonstrated a few quick tech hacks to offer a taste of what the tech training sessions involve and how using this adaptive technology can assist visually impaired people on a day-to-day basis.  

You can listen to the extract here.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to Robert Green and the team at ESTN for inviting us to be interviewed and be part of their publication.   

More information about ESTN and details of how to subscribe to this service are available on their website: East Shropshire Talking Newspaper.