Sight Loss Shropshire chosen for the Big Give Pledge campaign

Photograph of a tree looking up the trunk into the canopy; text reads "Make a Pledge", with the Big Give and Sight Loss Shropshire logos.

Sight Loss Shropshire, a charity dedicated to supporting people with visual impairment, has been selected as one of the beneficiaries for this year’s Big Give Pledge campaign.  

The Big Give, known for its impactful fundraising campaigns, aims to match donations made to selected charities during this time. This incredible opportunity for Sight Loss Shropshire means that every contribution made during the campaign could be matched, doubling the impact of every generous gift. 

If we can secure enough pledges Sight Loss Shropshire will become eligible for up to the same amount in Champion match funds. You don’t need to make a donation yet but a pledge (which is a promise of a donation) can be made before 5pm on 1st September 2023 via the Big Give Campaign website.  

Sight Loss Shropshire aims to be a beacon of support for the visually impaired individuals across the region, offering a range of support services, and the charity’s dedicated team has consistently strived to improve the quality of life for those affected by sight loss and provide a sense of empowerment and community. 

If you are able to, please support Sight Loss Shropshire during the Big Give Pledge campaign. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of visually impaired individuals across Shropshire. 

Make a pledge here:  

You can find out more about The Big Give, the UK’s largest ‘double donation’ match funded campaign at

About Pledging 

Pledges must be completed via the online Pledge form on The Big Give Platform.  

It is extremely important that the Pledge is not fulfilled (i.e. paid to the Charity) until after the campaign has finished (as the Pledge is a promise of funding dependent on whether the Charity raises a sufficient amount in online donations). 

Pledges must be a minimum of £100. The maximum Pledges a Charity can receive is the Pledge target set by the Charity. 

The deadline for making the Pledge will be displayed on the Pledge form. 

A Charity must receive in excess of £1,000 in Pledges to be able to participate in the Match Funding Campaign.