Sight Loss Shropshire delivers Sight Loss Awareness Training for West Mercia Police

A West Mercia Police car
West Mercia Police Officers are receiving sight loss awareness training from Sight Loss Shropshire (Image: West Mercia Police) 

We are delighted to be working with West Mercia Police to provide sight loss awareness training in Shropshire.  

A crucial initiative that equips personnel with the knowledge and skills to enhance community engagement and inclusivity, the specialised sight loss awareness training has been designed to equip police officers with the skills and knowledge to interact effectively with individuals experiencing visual impairment or blindness. 

Swan Staar-Slogrove, Sight Loss Shropshire Manager, said:

“Thanks to project funding from Wrekin Housing Trust, Sight Loss Shropshire has designed, organised and is delivering the training to police officers, which emphasises the importance of communication and accessibility when engaging with visually impaired individuals.

Officers are learning practical steps for assisting those with sight loss, including guiding techniques and verbal cues.” 

The sight loss awareness training represents a proactive step toward fostering empathy and understanding within law enforcement, ultimately promoting greater accessibility and support for individuals with disabilities in the community. 

Every organisation, regardless of its nature, holds a responsibility to adopt inclusivity and understanding, both internally and within the communities it serves. Sight loss awareness training assists in achieving this goal, offering numerous benefits that extend far beyond the scope of compliance alone.  

If your organisation would benefit from sight loss awareness training, feel free to get in touch with our team on 07778 956096 or