Received new Tech for Christmas? We can help make it accessible

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Volunteer Tech Trainers and trainees around a table, demonstrating assistive technology on smartphones and tablets.
Volunteer Tech Trainers with trainees around a table, demonstrating assistive technology on smartphones and tablets at an In Touch Telford Group drop-in session

Lucky enough to get a new iPad, phone or tablet for Christmas but need assistance with accessibility functions? Our Tech Trainers and specialist volunteers will do their best to make it work for your needs.

The importance of accessible technology cannot be overstated, and is especially a transformative force for visually impaired individuals. Screen readers, which convert on-screen text into synthesised speech, enable users to easily engage with websites, documents, and applications. Voice recognition technology allows for hands-free device control and access to digital content. Magnification functions, increased font sizes or colour inversion can also be a useful tool, all of which can help make some day to day tasks less challenging.

At Sight Loss Shropshire, we are passionate about helping visually impaired people learn the essentials and stay connected, with the skills to utilise this technology to suit their needs.

Whether this consists of adapting your devices to make online shopping more easy, or for ordering prescriptions, reading news, accessing websites or keeping in touch with friends or family, our specialist Tech Trainers are here to help.

Our Tech Training can be accessed in two ways; either through an informal drop in group in Telford, or through a more specialised personalised one to one service, available across the wider Shropshire area.

In Touch Telford Group Tech Training for Visually Impaired People

The friendly, informal In Touch Telford Group meets twice a month and will be restarting on 7th February 2024 following a winter break.

Join our free demos and training sessions on smartphones and tablets, for both Apple and Android devices and you can use this drop-in service as many times as you wish.

No prior experience of technology is needed and we have a range of tablets and smartphones available for you to try, or bring your own device along.

The group meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month, at Southwater Library from 11am until 1pm. Feel free to drop it at any time during those hours.

Shropshire Digital Skills Training for Visually Impaired People

If you’re around Shrewsbury or other parts of the county, we can offer free and personalised one to one training, tailored to your needs on our Digital Skills programme.

Our specialist Tech Trainer is here to help with specialised training designed to meet your needs.

Digital skills training takes place in a relaxed atmosphere in community hubs, with trainers and volunteers offering tailored support in a friendly, welcoming, and supportive space. By the end of this course, you’ll feel empowered and able to use your device(s) with confidence.

If you have a tablet device, iPad or smartphone, please bring this along to use at the sessions, or if you are unsure about the most suitable device for your needs, we can offer advice and guidance.

Interested to find out more about any of these services? Contact us on or call 07778 956096.