Taiko Drumming Strikes a Beat for Visually Impaired Children

A group of children children using large Japanese drums led by a tutor
Children are led in the traditional Japanese drumming art by an expert tutor

A free Taiko drumming workshop for sight and hearing-impaired children from across Shropshire recently took place in Shrewsbury. 

A traditional Japanese percussion art form, Taiko drumming captivates audiences with its powerful and dynamic rhythms produced by striking large drums.    

Immersing children in the world of rhythm and sound, the drumming workshop, led by an expert drumming tutor from Taiko West, was tailored specifically for children with sight or hearing loss. 

 Designed to ignite a passion for music and creativity, this fully hands-on experience offered a unique opportunity for children to explore the joy of drumming in a supportive and inclusive environment.  

Through tactile exploration and auditory stimulation, it gave children the opportunity to discover the power of music as a form of expression and connection; and make lots of noise!

Organised by the team at the Sensory Inclusion Service and hosted by The Hive in Shrewsbury, this was a fun, unique and enriching experience for all participants.   

A group of children using large Japanese drums led by a tutor
The group enjoying their drumming experience and making plenty of noise!